Making your First Sports Bet

Making your first bet can be overwhelming, whether you are making it on line or at a local betting shop. The options are often overwhelming  and mistakes can cost you money!

However since the advent of online betting bookmakers such as bet365 have been making it easier and easier for new players to get involved. Companies have released apps for your smart phone and even your tablet which allow you to signup with absolute ease and make deposits safely and securely.

If you are torn between making bets on line and in a shop I highly recommend the former. Placing bets online is secure and you don’t need to ‘claim your winnings, they are automatically credited to your account’ once this is done you can withdraw any money back to your bank account.

If you deposited via debit card then this is the best option. Winnings are transferred back to your relevant debit card in just a day or two. If you deposit by mastercard (credit card) then you may have to find another option to withdraw such as wallet system

Wallet systems

These are great options to make gambling transactions with. The most popular wallet systems for UK users is PayPal, you probably have used them with eBay or various other retail outlets but now you can use them with most major betting sites such as ladbrokes and bet365. Any winnings will be credited back to paypal (often instantly) and are yours to do with as you wish.

Using a wallet systems is ideal to keep track of how much you spend gambling each month. You can see a monthly breakdown of how much you deposited and withdrawn at each gambling site. Using wallets also allow you to not have frequent gambling transactions showing up at your bank account, ideal if applying for a mortgage.

Other waller systems include neteller, this is the biggest of the bunch when it comes to gambling. They’ve been around for years and handle millions in transactions for the gambling industry every single day! You can even get a special neteller debit card allowing you to withdraw winnings from any ATM or pay for your shopping at your local supermarket. You will be charged no fees from the gambling sites as these costs are absorbed by them!