Zhubal E-Zine

Powers To The People:

“Let Your Voice Be Heard!”

James Powers Elected Zhubál’s First Commissioner

James Powers was elected to the position of Commissioner of Zhubál in a landslide vote by the ZCCC last month.  Members of the Zhubál community …

Zhubal Members

The ZCCC is the governing body of Official Zhubál Tournaments, Rules, and Practices.  The ZCCC is made up of the Three (3) Founders of the game as well as Former and Current Champions of Zhubál.

Champions that serve on the …

Zhubal Rules

”This is the best #?$*ing game ever invented!”

The purpose of the rules of Zhubál is to provide a guideline which describes the way the game is played. It assumed that no Zhubál player will intentionally violate the rules; …

Zhubal Charity Tournament

Twenty-one of the sports most generous players participated in Zhubál’s very first Charity Tournament on April 2, 2004.  Dubbed “Serves for Silks”, the Tournament benefited the Biddeford High School Winterguard in an attempt to diminish the incredibly high dues and …