Using a Wallet System

There are many benefits to using a wallet system for gambling transactions.

First of all it allows you to separate your normal bank account with your gambling transactions. So if you apply for a mortgage or a loan, or your bank manager needs to go through your financial records they won’t see hundreds of gambling transactions. Even if you are a pro gambler and make a living from sports betting or poker having lots of gambling transactions may affect your standing with your bank. Some people who rely on sports or poker for a living have had their bank accounts closed down by banks despite it being 100% legal.

Using a wallet also allows you to keep track of exactly how much you spend each month so you don’t over spend. You can withdraw money at anytime back to your bank account or using their ATM card you can withdraw cash or use the money at any shop or supermarket.

one of the major wallet systems is paypal, you probably used paypal to make purchases of ebay but for UK players you can now use it to make gambling related transactions at the biggest UK sportsbooks. Neteller is a great alternative, they offer an ATM card you can use to make purchases with. NEteller is used by almost every gambling site on the planet so an account thee is very useful. You may be charged by neteller to do certain things such as withdraw money by debit card or transfer money to your bank. The great thing about neteller is they have recently started allow deposits by bitcoin! This means you can use bitcoin to deposit to almost any gambling site on the planet!

Other wallets include Skrill, which have recently been bought by neteller. Pay safe card is a new system which allows you to topup funds from any compatible shop using a voucher system and UKash which is a pure voucher system in which you topup funds in the same way you would do a pay as you go phone in a shop.