Zhubal Charity Tournament

Twenty-one of the sports most generous players participated in Zhubál’s very first Charity Tournament on April 2, 2004.  Dubbed “Serves for Silks”, the Tournament benefited the Biddeford High School Winterguard in an attempt to diminish the incredibly high dues and fees associated with running an award winning program.  All entrance fees and donations were thankfully accepted by the organization.

The Tournament itself was an elimination style Tournament that had 3 simultaneous Grids taking place in the First Round.  The Champion, Knocker, and Scratcher from each of these Grids moved on to play in the Tri-State Championship Grid.  All of the Participants who were unable to make it through this preliminary round had a chance to play in a Wildcard Grid that would allow one player (champion) to take a place among the Zhubál elite in the final Grid.

Prelim Grid one hosted  Zhubál’s most impressive male players.  Cody Cochrane was able to take high honors with his cunning play and a Rockbanger, beating out Brenden Shea and Bryan MacDonald for the title.  Ryan Perreault did not move on from this match even with the grids only other Rockbanger.  His counterpart Paul Perreault faired even worse finishing as first loser with only 9 serves.

Prelim Grid 2 had some of Zhubál’s most impressive Female Players. This grid marks the first time that all females have competed against each other for a title.  Veteran as well as a Zhubál Inaugural Player Tara Carpenter, showed how she has lasted so long in this league as a female powerhouse early on in the match, but failed to keep up muster.  Christina Totos and Nicle Jenkins quickly took advantage of the situation and removed Carpenter from the grid with surgical like precision.  Once knocking Rookie Cassandra Peltzman (S, 10 SRV, 4INT, 2ACE), Jenkins and Totos went toe to toe and wrestled for the title.  Totos took her first championship ever with a final score of 11.

Prelim Grid 3 boasted the newest Zhubállers.  This all Rookie Grid was just as exciting as one would expect.  Newcomers were like Curtis Wade were throwing themselves after balls to try anything to stay alive.  Impressive play from Ashley Shevenell showed all that even though she is raw now, Season B could be the time were her Zhubál Skill blooms and she becomes a dominate force to recon with.  Despite have 61 serves between them Bryan Thurston and Matt Stilphen could not hold back the powerful Rookie Force that was Kaitlynn Perreault.  Perreault quietly took the title with 10 Serves and a final score of 13.

Winning the Wildcard Grid was Ryan Perreault, who made up for his previous blunders with an impressive win over Tara Carpenter, scoring 5 straight points on Carpenter in the final progression.  Other notables were Paul Perreault with 23 Serves finishing as Scratcher and Tom LaPointe angrily finishing as the Ringer.  Kori Kaloyares and Randi Valliere didn’t put up much of a fight with only 3 serves between the two of them, but still played like champions.

The most breath taking of events of the evening came at the Final Grid with the Tri-State Championship up for grabs.  The final four participants were Cody Cochrane, Bryan Macdonald, Andrew Carpenter, and Mike Whitmore.  Even though all 11 finalist fought like it was they were in the final four, only these competitors were able to reach this lofty height without fail.  Cody Cochrane got into early point trouble in his final progression but lasted longer than anyone had imagined as he finished as the Ringer with 27 Serves.  Bryan Macdonald played beautifully in his last progression, but early mistakes cost him.  MacDonald finished with one of the lowest Over Unders (2.82) in the Tournament but managed to leave the Tournament with the Scratcher Position.

The final Battle between Mike Whitmore and Andrew Carpenter was a well fought one.  It was clear to onlookers that the Number 1 and Number 2 ranked participants in league going at one another for the Title.  Whitmore’s impressive serve has been more than Carpenter could handle in the past, but tonight Carpenter was able to return.  Once the Serve was won, Carpenter was able to make his move and win the final two points necessary to make him the Victor.

“I may have the Championship, but the BHS Winterguard is the real winner here.  Thanks need to go out to everyone that participated and to those who donated the much needed money to keep the Winterguard going.” , Carpenter said “This was anyone’s Championship to win.  I just got lucky.”

Whitmore turned out to be the lucky one walking away with the Top Prizes that the Tournament had to offer.  Carpenter declined to accept the booty as he is Zhubál’s current Commissioner and felt that it was a “conflict of interest”.  Finishing in the Knocker position, Whitmore won the Game Zhubál, 2 Movie Passes for a year, and a Matrix Reloaded DVD.