Zhubal Members

The ZCCC is the governing body of Official Zhubál Tournaments, Rules, and Practices.  The ZCCC is made up of the Three (3) Founders of the game as well as Former and Current Champions of Zhubál.

Champions that serve on the ZCCC must follow certain term limits in order to continue to qualify for ZCCC Membership.

The Current ZCCC Members are listed below.  Please feel free to contact one and or all of them with questions or comments about the game.

James Powers

Andrew Carpenter
Scott Labbe
Jack Tully

Champion Members:
Sam Belanger (2003)
Sean Callahan (2003)
Matt Clegg (2003)
Cody Cochrane (2003)
Matt Diagneault (2003)
Eric Desroberts (2003-4)
Curtis Kendall  (2003-4)
Bryan MacDonald  (2003-4)
Brandon McNutt  (2003)
Paul Perrault (2004)
Ryan Perrault (2004)
Dave Ryan (2004)
Josh Stover  (2003)
Kyle Smith  (2003)
Jake Whitiker (2003)
Mike Whitmore  (2003-4)